Yahya Mansour is an award-winning dentist, business owner, and industry leader, committed to helping organizations improve their operations and culture so they can grow like crazy. Whether he’s speaking to a crowd of ambitious healthcare professionals, consulting privately with an organization, or mentoring an up-and-coming leader, Dr. Mansour galvanizes his audience to achieve their goals, lead with excellence, and make a lasting impact.

A Proven Leadership Approach

As the co-founder and Chief Medical Officer of an award-winning dental practice, Dr. Mansour is committed to excellence in leadership. He continuously pursues ongoing education to remain at the forefront of his industry. With Dr. Mansour at the helm, Rodeo Dental has grown to 27 offices and 120 doctors. As a consultant, Dr. Mansour has also helped other organizations improve their culture and operations to achieve tremendous growth.

“Dr. Mansour is always staying up to date with the advancing fields of dentistry and has taken more courses and hours than anyone I’ve ever known. He has a true gift and is willing to share that with those in need.” - Dr. Daniel Khorramian

A Dedication to Excellence

Dr. Mansour is a third-generation dentist who has spent the past 15 years perfecting his craft as a clinician. After receiving two Bachelor's degrees from the University of California—one in Neuroscience, the other in Biology—Dr. Mansour went on to receive his Masters degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. He then received his DDS from University of the Pacific. After graduating, Dr. Mansour took the leap to co-found a practice in Texas.

Beyond these accolades, Dr. Mansour is passionate about serving his community. He regularly educates on the oral-systemic link and the direct role oral health plays in children’s future outcomes. In 2011, Dr. Mansour and his team at Rodeo Dental were recognized by the Texas State House of Representatives for their efforts in providing pro bono orthodontic care to children who were affected by the Medicaid crisis. In all, Rodeo Dental provided pro bono orthodontic services to around 1,000 uninsured patients.

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