Inspiring Organizations
to Create a Culture of Excellence

“Passion. Experience. Boldness. A leader in every sense of the word.”

Are you ready to pick a fight with the status quo?

Most people fear change. But the truth is, change is the only real constant in life. In our rapidly shifting world, it’s not always the strong that survive—it’s those who are most adaptable to CHANGE. Dr. Mansour’s powerful message on leadership, innovation, and perpetual forward motion will inspire your team to challenge the status quo, embrace change, and build a culture of excellence that will take your organization to the next level.

“Dr. Mansour has been a mentor, a friend, and a major influencer in my life. His passion, experience, and boldness to learn encouraged me to try things I would have never tried.” - Dr. Robin Bethell

5 Reasons to Book Dr. Mansour


Your audience will feel an instant connection and camaraderie with Dr. Mansour. He’s open and honest about his story—both the victories and the failures.

All In

Dr. Mansour never does anything halfway. He genuinely cares about every single person he interacts with, and you can trust that he’ll leave it all on the field, every time.


Yes, your team will leave inspired. But more importantly, they’ll leave with a handful of actionable takeaways they can implement RIGHT AWAY to start seeing results.


Dr. Mansour loves to genuinely connect with his audience and is deeply invested in their success. He encourages them to reach out to him afterward to continue the conversation and even work with him one-on-one.

A Leader On the Front Lines

Dr. Mansour still actively serves patients in a clinical setting, while also leading his team with positivity.


Dr. Mansour offers fully customized programs that spark unique dialogues and actionable takeaways for every event from virtual meetings and strategy workshops to major conferences.